Riding Attire

A horse rider should always look well turned out but should not overdress in clothes which are ostentatious or of unsuitable style. It is essential when riding to be wearing the correct attire otherwise the rider can sustain injuries and experience discomfort while riding. The correct riding gear is as follows:

A hard riding hat
The hat must be designed specifically for riding. Bicycling helmets are not recommended. Good quality riding hats ensure the safety of riders, and one must not compromise quality for cost.

Jodhpurs/breeches or riding pants
Though these are a must to ensure the rider does not develop welts on the inner side of his/her legs, the first few lessons can be taken in long pants or jeans. Shorts, caprice etc are not permitted.

Long socks
The length of the socks is important, otherwise the ankle and lower leg of the rider would be exposed and may lead to injury.

Riding boots or shoes with a hard sole
These are a necessity to allow the rider to comfortably keep his/her feet in the stirrup.

No Jewellery
Long Earrings can get caught in the mane of the horse, a necklace can catch a branch, a brooch pin can drive into the flesh – to be avoided absolutely!

The club has an online Tack Catalogue to take care of the attire needs of the students. The Catalogue has Riding Hats, Pants, boots and more. Students can avail the facility to order the required accessories at reasonable cost.

Browse the Tack Catalogue and place your orders.

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