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Our Training is structured and scientific. We cover nearly all aspects of the English Style of Dressage Riding with the motto Practice maketh Perfect. Horse Riding requires many hours of training to achieve a level of proficiency, as you learn to get the horse to understand your instructions – in a manner that the horse understands the instructions. Horses are trained to respond to the rider’s stimulus and perform tasks that are being asked of them by the person in the saddle. As you would realise this is as or more difficult than getting another human to listen to your instructions.


In the first couple of lessons at CRC we acquaint the new rider with the horse as a friend, familiarise them with basic principles of riding including equipment for both the rider and the horse and run them through what to expect in the early riding lessons. We recommend at least 2 such classes prior to mounting the horse. We also take assistance of Audio-Visual aids and instructional guides for the purpose. Our young riders really enjoy feeding the smaller horses and ponies (from afar of course!), in this phase, which also makes them comfortable with the horses they will be riding – on an almost first name basis.

We welcome our riders to understand the process of horse grooming and stable management. Our young riders have enjoyed braiding the manes of our horses, brushing them down or just cleaning up the stables. This also provides them with an appreciation of the hard work put in by the stable hands and grooms on a 24x7 basis to ensure that the horses are ready for riding duty when required.

Level 1
In the Level 1 instruction CRC teaches its riders on the basic principles of riding. This takes them from mounting and dismounting a horse, securing themselves in the saddle, understanding the rider’s seat, how to hold and adjust reins and the like while gently breaking them into a walk and trot on the horses.

Level 2
In the Level 2 instruction CRC teaches its riders the gait of the horse, taking the horse from trot to canter, horse halting and first level horse turns.

Level 3
In Level 3 instruction CRC teaches its riders advanced horse turns, canter lessons, leg changes and the like. This is the stage when the rider truly starts riding independently and is now preparing for the advanced levels.

In the advanced level the rider has achieved a level of proficiency where they are now managing their horses on their own - from saddling to riding them into the riding arena and performing at a competitive instruction level. In this stage riders require to have private lessons and one on one with the instructor. CRC works closely with International Instructors and riders from time to time can benefit from such guidance as well. Riders are now preparing themselves for the higher level of competitions like Nationals Dressage and FEI Dressage with video recordings being done of their preparatory riding for more detailed analysis and review for improvements.

All you need to know to get started!

The Children’s Riding Club (CRC) imparts horse riding training to beginners and intermediate riders. CRC teaches the English style of Riding for Dressage. CRC does not teach show-jumping, polo, or any other equestrian discipline other than Dressage.The term ‘English Style’ is misleading because it is a style practised in several equestrian countries of Europe and the world. The style requires the riders to use both hands on the reins rather than just one hand as is seen in the Western style. The riders rise and sit in a rhythmic movement in the trot which is called rising trot. This style uses a flat English saddle without a deep seat. At the Children’s Riding Club, we stress the importance of a good seat and strong leg aides.

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Who can ride at CRC!

We encourage all young riders to join us. However, we do have a minimum age requirement of at least 4 years and a minimum height requirement of at least 3 ½ feet. This enables the child to have a good seat on our smaller horses and slip their feet comfortably into the stirrups of the horse.
All children below the age of 13 necessarily need to have their guardians accompanying them.
We also welcome mature riders who meet the weight requirement 70 kilos or less. While we have no age restrictions our oldest members / riders have been less than 65 years of age.
We also conduct private and/or small batch classes for children with special needs.
We especially welcome expatriate riders who can learn horse riding or continue with their passion while in India.
Horse riding can be a physically demanding sport which is undertaken in the open and in weather conditions that can be hot and humid and at other times a bit chilly. As in every sport physical toning, flexibility, body strength is very important. We instruct all our riders to follow an exercise regimen and a diet plan to ensure the same – stronger the rider more in command they will feel on horseback.

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