The Story

The Children’s Riding Club is a premier riding club situated in the heart of New Delhi. The club was set up primarily to teach the skills of horse riding to children but today it has the distinction of teaching the correct way to ride to not just children but to adults as well.

The Club was set up in the early sixties by a group of American ladies headed by a Mrs O’Connor who had the brilliant idea of starting a pony club for her own children. For this they needed ponies and stables, to house them. The ponies were provided by the Army and the space to ride was given by our very generous Prime Minister Pandit Nehru who was known for his love for children.

To make the idea work financially, Mrs O’Connor invited Indian parents to send their children to learn horse riding. And so the Children’s Riding Club was born. Once Mrs O’Connor left the country the management passed to a young 16 year old by the name of Aditya Krishna.  Aditya with his hard work took the club to a fairly stable financial position. He made a name for himself as being the only civilian probable for show jumping in the 1982 Asian Games.

After Aditya, it is his sister Anuradha Krishna, a junior dressage champion who is diligently taking the club forward. She is the sole administrator, instructor and public relations person. Under her guidance children have gone on to win medals at the annual horse shows held in Delhi.