Testimonials and user comments

Mr. Vanya Singh

The two big advantages that the Children’s Riding Club has over every other riding school in Delhi-NCR are its location and professional teaching. Its central location adds such a level of convenience that it is already a desirable school. But once you visit the stables or go for your first ride, you see and interact with beautiful, healthy horses and friendly, reliable people. Over time it has become such a comfort for me to be able to go to the stables at almost any time. It was not until I visited other stables that I realized how efficiently maintained the stables are and how well we are taught so that we may become good riders. Anu ma’am and Saab are such a reservoir of knowledge, which they are always happy to share with us students, and have always been accommodating to our needs

Ms. Supriya Gupta

It has been 4 months since I had started learning to ride here. Whether a child or an adult, everyone is taught with care and attention here. The owner of the Riding Club Ms. Anu, takes classes herself. She teaches in an organized manner and pays attention to all the nitty-gritty of the sport. Even when she is not instructing she watches the performance and progress of all the students. Mr. Ali is an excellent instructor. He gives equal time and attention to all. He always encourages and motivates his students. The horses here are marvellous. There is a variety of them and new ones are added every now and then. They maintain really high standards of cleanliness and teaching. Everything is very well organized. My experience so far has been wonderful.

Ms. Lillian Frejacques

I like riding at the Children’s Riding School, I have improved my skills and found all my equestrian confidence back! Conveniently placed in central Delhi, the CRS is a safe and enjoyable riding centre. From beginners to advanced-level riders, horses here are adapted to all levels of English-style riding horsemanship.

I have been riding at the CRS since my arrival in Delhi (a year ago) and the contact with well-schooled, well groomed and comfortably saddled horses has just added up to my riding experience. Guided and supervised by two experienced riding instructors and assisted by capable grooms, if you are keen on horses this is the paddock to come