The Children’s Riding Club has 15 horses which includes 4 ponies. The oldest is a pony named Bounty who is 25 years old and the youngest is a three year old gelding named Sultan. The ponies and horses are trained to allow young children to ride them and handle them. There are bigger horses meant for adults and those meant for more advanced riders. Each horse has a unique name to suit his or her personality.

Ashok Kumar, the second in command at the Children’s Riding Club is an ex-army person. He took premature retirement from Remount Veterinary Corps (RVC). He is well versed in riding skills and horse management. He is our resident vet as well.

The newest entrant to our family of horses is ANGEL.

She is a five year old pony with light blue eyes and a white coat of hair. She is just right for all our very young members. She is a favourite with all the children because of her size. Her preferred food is carrot. She does not eat sugar cubes or apples.

Also have a look at our Photo Gallery to see the training facilities.