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The Children’s Riding Club was set up in the early 1960’s by a group of expatriate ladies headed by Mrs O’Connor who had the brilliant idea of starting a pony club for children. For this they needed ponies and stables, to house them. The ponies were provided by the Army and the space to ride was given by our very generous Prime Minister Pandit Nehru who was known for his love for children. The club now houses horses in well ventilated stables who are tended to by dedicated and trained stable hands. The Club is now the foremost institution in Delhi for imparting equitation skills, which is an international sport, and a skill that requires to be learnt with a great deal of training.

The children who have trained at our Horse-Riding School have gone on to win national and international competitions, an indicator of the highest level of skills and training that is being imparted. Equitation, in its various forms (dressage, show jumping etc.), is an international level sport, and a part of the Olympic and Asian games, and therefore the training and skills that we impart should not be confused with the horses that are hired out for marriages, or for joyrides to people. The horses owned by us are used strictly to impart training and equitation skills to members. Apart from teaching our members equitation skills, we also teach them how to care for horses, and other associated skills that are necessary to become good riders.


To be India’s leading training school for young riders wanting to learn Dressage Horse Riding

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To teach basics of horse riding to young riders using structured training methods and best in class international Dressage training routines

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