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Our Facilities

  • Trained horses and ponies, each with a unique name to suit his or her personality
  • 40,000 square feet riding arena – shaded and with a fenced boundary for rider safety
  • Private Lessons including those for advanced riders and children with special needs
  • Stabling (per availability of stables) of private horses
  • Horse Riding “Tack” provisions i.e. Riding Hats, Boots, Breeches, Gloves, Whips etc.
  • Airconditioned Club House - change, chat, snack and cool off after a ride
  • Parking Area for Members
  • First Aid (caveat: tosses and falls while learning horse riding are common – while riders mostly dust off such falls and remount their steeds there are times when medical attention may be required, and members/riders need to ensure this on their own)

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