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The Children’s Riding Club (CRC) is a leading equestrian training institute situated in the heart of New Delhi, India. CRC prides itself in teaching new horse riders the correct way to ride by imparting instructions in a scientific and structured manner. The skills of horse riding are taught to children and young adults who learn and train at a conveniently located and neatly laid out facility.



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Our Story

The Children’s Riding Club was set up in the early 1960’s by a group of expatriate ladies headed by Mrs O’Connor who had the brilliant idea of starting a pony club for children. For this they needed ponies and stables, to house them. The ponies were provided by the Army and the space to ride was given by our very generous Prime Minister Pandit Nehru who was known for his love for children.


Our Team

Our Facilities

  • Trained horses and ponies, each with a unique name to suit his or her personality
  • 40,000 square feet riding arena – shaded and with a fenced boundary for rider safety
  • Private Lessons including those for advanced riders and children with special needs
  • Stabling (per availability of stables) of private horses
  • Horse Riding “Tack” provisions i.e. Riding Hats, Boots, Breeches, Gloves, Whips etc.
  • Airconditioned Club House - change, chat, snack and cool off after a ride
  • Parking Area for Members
  • First Aid (caveat: tosses and falls while learning horse riding are common – while riders mostly dust off such falls and remount their steeds there are times when medical attention may be required, and members/riders need to ensure this on their own)

Our Products

We recommend horse-riding equipment that is sourced from the very best international brands in the UK, US and Europe. Visit our Products page for your requirements.


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“Good Equestrian work can never result from a tense mind nor excess physical tension.”

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